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Evaluation by External Bodies

Evaluation by External Bodies

(As of March 2022)

Category Evaluating and Certifying Body Evaluation Results, Certification Content
Ranking Toyo Keizai Inc. 93rd in the 16th Toyo Keizai CSR Ranking
(Announced in the March 5, 2022 issue of the Weekly Toyo Keizai)
Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. Four -stars certification in the Fifth Nikkei Smart Work Management Survey (November 2021; five ranks based on the number of stars)
Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. Three and a half-star certification in the Third Nikkei SGDs Management Survey (November 2021; five ranks based on the number of stars)
Certification/Evaluation CDP*1 Received a score of A-*2 for “Leadership level” in the questionnaire 2021 on climate change and water security
CDP Recognized as CDP Supplier Engagement Leader 2021
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan Health Council 2022 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization (large enterprise category) Recognition (for five consecutive years)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Certified as FY2020 "New Diversity Management Selection 100"
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Acquired the highest level (class 3) of certification in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (Women's Participation Promotion Act) (commonly referred to as "Eruboshi" Certification)
J-Win Non-Profit Organization*3 Awarded the 2022 J-Win Diversity Award Basic Achievement Grand Prize
Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Awarded Platinum Kurumin certification
(Kurumin certification awarded in 2011 and 2022)
work with Pride (wwP)*4 LGBT and other indicators related to sexual minorities "PRIDE index 2020" awarded "Gold Award" (Ranked up from "PRIDE index 2019" "Silver Award")

*1 CDP: A UK-based independent non-profit organization. It receives requests from investors around the world, and investigates, evaluates, and discloses information relating to companies’ effects on climate change, water security, and forests.

*2 Score of A- for “Leadership”: Best practices in the managing environmental issues.

*3 NPO Corporation J-Win: A Japanese corporate membership organization established in April 2007 to support the promotion and establishment of diversity management in companies. This organization supports the promotion of diversity management in companies by providing advice on empowering women, consulting, seminars, lectures and various surveys.

*4 work with Pride (wwP): A voluntary organization that supports diversity management for LGBT people.

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