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  7. 1. What can an Ultraviolet and Visible Spectrophotometer Do?

1. What can an Ultraviolet and Visible Spectrophotometer Do?

Determine the concentration (contents) of a solution

This application, which is also called "quantitative analysis", is the most popular. This is a method for determining the concentration of a specimen of unknown concentration, by comparison with a solution of known concentration.


Determine the characteristics of a material

For example, sunglasses, sunscreening cosmetics, and clothing which you may use in mountains and beaches in the summer and in skiing areas in the winter. It becomes obvious whether the target wavelengths are really cut off when the "transmittance" is measured.
Each material has its own characteristic "spectrum." An unknown sample may be identified by comparing its spectrum it that of a known material (identification).


Determine molecular structure

Did you know that a material is composed of molecules, each of which is made up of a group of atoms? Each molecule has its characteristic spectra (location, strength, etc.). Although difficult, determination of a molecule's structure based on its spectrum has been carried out at universities and company laboratories.

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