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HIRANUMA Automated Solid Evaporator System AQS-22010A

HIRANUMA Automated Solid Evaporator System AQS-22010A

The EV-2010 automated evaporator/sample changer can be connected with both the AQ-2200A coulometric titrator and the AQV-2200A volumetric titrator, which makes the AQS-22010A a complete automated evaporation KF titration system.


For medium to heavy workloads

Up to 10 samples can be placed on the turntable and be measured with high repeatability.

Extremely compact design

A compact upright design for both the heating block and the KF titrator saves valuable bench space.

Wide temperature range and programmable temperature control

The heating temperature can be set up to 300 °C and programmed up to 3 steps. This feature makes it easier to find the optimum temperature for each sample.


Item Specifications
Number of sample vials 10 positions
Volume of sample vial 10 mL
Seal and septum  PTFE cap with aluminum foil
Heater Band heater, PID control
Heating temperature Room temperature to 300 °C
Carrier gas Nitrogen gas or dry air*1
Flow rate: 30-300 mL/min.
Desiccant: Molecular sieves*2
Power supply AC100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 150 VA
Dimensions / Weight 260(W) × 600(D) × 280(H) mm / Approx. 11 kg

*1 Optional dry air pump is required.

*2 Molecular sieves required for drying carrier gas is not included in the instrument.


  • Dry air pump
    Compact, integrated air pump eliminates the need for nitrogen carrier gas.

Introducing the measurement example using moisture measurement equipment.

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