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Real View® Polarized Micro Sample Observation Unit


This is an optional polarized light microscopic observation unit for the NEXTA® DSC series thermal analyzer.
It is a camera unit equipped with a high resolution camera and polarized light feature. Together with our unique image processing technology, it can allow you to make successful analysis in challenging applications such as detecting melting point of fish eyes *1 in polymer films, observing the crystallization process of crystalline materials, and analyzing melting point of Multi-layer films.

In the filed of, for example, high-functional film manufacturing, this optional camera unit can be used for identifying process improvement areas for reducing fish eyes in film molding, basic research on crystal orientation of materials, quality control and failure analysis of multi-layer films.

※1 Defects or defective points where a part of the resin has properties different from those of the surrounding base material


Use of high resolution cameras enables you to observe small areas


The high resolution camera provides digital zoom up to 50 times. You can observe small areas of your samples that cannot be observed with our conventional cameras.

Melting point analysis by polarized light and image processing

Our unique image processing technology realizes melting point analysis of very small areas, which is difficult to detect with conventional DSC. Now you can analyze melting point of fish eye and multi-layered film by each layer. All you do is, first try to capture clear and sharpened image using the polarized light adjusting unit, then carry out measurement in the same way as normal DSC.

[Melting point analysis method]
The derivative of the brightness (luminance) signal curve shows the same trend as DSC curve. The melting point can be detected by reading the peak top of derivative curve.


Application examples

Packaging film for dry food (56 seconds)
Packaging film for dry food (56 seconds)
Polyvinylidene fluoride on silicon wafer (35 seconds)
Polyvinylidene fluoride on silicon wafer (35 seconds)


Model Polarized micro sample observation unit
Temperature range Ambient to 350 °C, 0~350 °C (electrical cooling), 0~350 °C (Auto LN2 gas cooling)
Camera Color/Monochrome Color
Connection USB3.0
Imaging resolution (pixels) 4800×3600
Field of view size (reference value) approx. 4 mm x 5.5 mm
Microscopic observation Pixel resolution (reference value) 1.2 μm
Polarization observation A light source equipped with the polarizer and a camera with the analyzer.
BY rotating the analyzer and adjust the open nicol and the cross nicols.
Optical system rotation mechanism for capturing optimum image.
Image processing slide show, thumbnail, color analysis, calculation of derivative from luminance data
Control PC One PC for control is required only for DSC and this option.
No other modules can be connected.
[Recommended Specifications] CPU: core i5 or higher/Memory: 8GB or higher/HDD: 1TB or higher.

*1 Pixel resolution (reference value) = parallax size/number of pixels

*2 Mechanism of relative rotation of the sample angle by rotation of the optical system with the sample fixed

* This option and the autosampler cannot operate simultaneously.

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