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Real View Sample Observation Unit

This is an optional accessory that integrates with the instrument to observe the sample during thermal measurements. Images reveal changes in sample shape, size, color, and other properties. The images can be recorded and are automatically linked to the thermal data by time-stamp.


Real-Time Observation during Measurement

Changes in the sample status can be displayed in “real time.” The images are linked with the temperature and can be viewed just by clicking the data streams.

Available for Auto Sampler

The RV-3TG is compatible with the Auto Sampler.

Image Data Analysis linked with Temperature and Signal

Stored image data can be displayed in either thumbnail or slide show format, linked with the temperature and signals.

Thumbnails display

Thumbnail Images can be displayed. Linked images can be shown by clicking any point on the signal curve.

Slideshow display

The slide show feature shows the series of images as if they were a movie file. The signal data points change to correspond to the movie’s timeline.


Unit DSC7020 DSC7000X STA7200 RV
STA7200 RV DMA7100
  • * RV-3 is not available for sell in Europe at the moment.


Measurement Data

DSC analysis data and real-time monitoring image using RV-1D.
(Sample: approx. 5mg of polyethylene terephthalate bottle spout, Heating rate: 10°C/min)

Application Note

Introducing the applications of thermal analysis and viscoelastic equipment.


Describing the principles of thermal analysis and viscoelastic equipment.


Introducing the standards of thermal analysis and viscoelastic equipment.


Introducing the references and presentation documents regarding thermal analysis and viscoelasticity.

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