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As a new brand of FE-SEMs, the Regulus series lineup comprises four models: the Regulus8100, Regulus8220, Regulus8230, and Regulus8240, all of which extend the functions of the SU8200 series with the use of a common platform.

With optimized electron optical systems, the new Regulus series features resolutions down to 0.7 nm in the Regulus8220/8230/8240 models and 0.8 nm in the Regulus8100 model.

The Regulus series employs a novel cold-field-emission (CFE) gun optimized for high-resolution imaging at low accelerating voltages. This CFE gun makes it possible to magnify high-resolution images up to 2 million times,*1 compared with 1 million times in previous models.

User-support functions have also been enhanced so that the advanced performance of the series can be fully leveraged, including functions to assist the operation of the signal detection system for analyzing diverse types of materials, as well as device-maintenance functions.

Only in Regulus8220/8230/8240


  • Cold field emission (CFE) gun optimized for low-voltage, high-resolution imaging with low aberration
    (Regulus8220/8230/8240: 0.7 nm/1 kV; Regulus8100: 0.8 nm/1 kV)
  • Maximum magnification doubled from 1 million times to 2 million times*2
  • User-support functions to ensure high performance

HR & ULV Imaging

HR & ULV Imaging
Specimen: Gold particle on Carbon
Landing voltage: 10 V

UHR imaging

UHR imaging
Specimen: Catalyst
Accelerating voltage: 30 kV

HR & LV EDX analysis

HR & LV EDX analysis
Specimen: Tin ball
Landing voltage: 1.5 kV

Only in Regulus8220/8230/8240


 Regulus 8100Regulus 8220Regulus 8230Regulus 8240
Secondary Electron Resolution 0.7 nm (Vacc: 15 kV)
0.8 nm (Landing voltage: 1 kV)*3
0.6 nm (Vacc: 15 kV)
0.7 nm (Landing voltage: 1 kV)*3
Accelerating voltage 0.5~30 kV 0.5~30 kV
Landing voltage*3 0.1~2 kV 0.01~20 kV
Mag. 20~1,000,000 ×*4 20~2,000,000 ×*4
Specimen stageStage control 3-axis motor drive*5 5-axis motor drive
Movable rangeX 0~50 mm 0~50 mm 0~110 mm 0~110 mm
Y 0~50 mm 0~50 mm 0~110 mm 0~80 mm
R 360°
T -5~70°
Z 1.5~30 mm 1.5~40 mm
Stage repeatability - - - Less than ±0.5 µm
Observation in beam deceleration mode
Magnification specified based on a display size of 127 mm × 95 mm
The 5-axis motor drive is an option for the Regulus8100

New coherent cold field emission source

Information on our new cold field emitter technology can be found here.


Hitachi FE-SEM Application Data

Technical magazine

This journal addresses a wide range variety of research papers and useful application data using Hitachi science instruments.


Photo collections of beauty of metals, minerals, organisms etc. reproduced by the electron microscope and finished more beautifully by computer graphic technology.

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