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General-purpose Small Unit AFM5100N

General-purpose Small Unit AFM5100N

Hitachi's general-purpose atomic force microscope, Model AFM5100N, features superior ease of use, a wide range of capabilities, and extraordinary performance. The breakthrough hardware option, the self-sensing detector, doesn't require laser and detector alignments and thus can effectively simplify AFM operation. As a full-featured system in support of high-resolution and multifunctional AFM measurements, the AFM5100N offers a wide variety of advanced modes, including the proprietary sampling intelligent scan (SIS), which delivers previously unattainable results for very challenging samples.


    1. Simple, sure cantilever installation

    Conventional levers are very small and difficult to grip, but the internal sensor type lever is large, easily gripped, and installation is simple.

    2. Self detection method of laser optic axis adjustment unnecessary

    With the optic lever method, adjustment is required to align the laser axis to the cantilever but this is not required if employing the self detection method.

    3. Accurate positioning by pin-point type cantilever

    The cantilever is structured to allow verification from directly above the position of the probe tip. Positioning of measurement spots is easy. Further, high resolution is acheived by sharpening the probe.

    4. Easy operation by Navigation System

    Anybody can smoothly observe high resolution surfaces with the flow chart format navigation system. Further, by intuitively answering questions of sample hardness or roughness, measurement parameters can be easily set.

    5. Small form factor for flexible, efficient space usage

    6. Superior Function Expandability

    Various functions can be expanded by adding alignment of the optic lever method . Also, change to the light lever method is completed by inserting one cable.


    SpecificationsAFM5100NOptional Accessories
    Manual Stage XY ±2.5mm Impact Stage
    Sample Size
    35mm (diameter)
    Thickness: 10mm
    2inch Adjustment Block
    50.08mm × 50.08mm × 20mm
    Scan Range
    (Select at least one)
    20μm × 20μm × 1.5μm
    100μm × 100μm × 15μm
    150μm × 150μm × 5μm
    Closed Loop Scanner
    110μm × 110μm × 6μm
    (Select at least one)
    Optical Lever
    Optical Microscope
    *Top view (Select at least one)
    Microscope with Cover
    (Lens magnification: × 4)
    Desktop Zoom Microscope 
    (Lens magnification: × 7)
    Zoom Microscope 
    (Lens magnification: × 7)
    Metallurgical Microscope 
    (Lens magnification: × 5, × 20, × 50) 
    Vibration Isolation
    (Select at least one or supply equivalent table top vibration isolation.)
    Temperature Control   In air: from R.T. to 250°C
    In liquid: from R.T. to 60°C
    In Liquid    ✔


    Article information on Hitachi technical magazine "SI NEWS"

    Article information on Hitachi technical magazine "SI NEWS"
    This journal addresses a wide range variety of research papers and useful application data using Hitachi science instruments. Those authors are notable researchers and Hitachi application engineers. This is an General-purpose Small Unit AFM5100N


    Describing basic principles and multiple function principles of Scanning Tunnel Microscope (STM), Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) etc.

    Technical magazine
    "SI NEWS"

    This journal addresses a wide range variety of research papers and useful application data using Hitachi science instruments.

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