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Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Corporation

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Being a field service company gives us unique capabilities. We can do things that only a field service company can do.

As a member of the Hitachi High-Tech Group, our company provides field services in cutting edge technologies. Ever since our founding in 1965, our solid reliability and consistent track-record of achievement have proved our worth as technologists.

Maintenance Service

Breakdown maintenance

We have established a 24-hour support system to effect swift recovery from equipment failure. We also offer remote support whereby the customer shares video of the failure situation with us so that we can work with them in real time to effect recovery.

Preventive maintenance

Under maintenance contracts, we perform routine inspections and patrol inspections. Using the Web and other networks, we can diagnose the causes of equipment performance deterioration, and estimate the equipment's remaining service life. We have even developed our own advanced systems for contactless deterioration diagnosis and other purposes.

Remote support

We also use the Web and other networks to carry out remote monitoring and diagnosis of customers' equipment, so that we can prevent problems arising in the first place.

Return-to-base support

Customers can also send us their equipment for servicing.

Environment and Systems diagnosis

We measure, diagnose and improve factors in the installation environment (such as magnetic fields and vibration) impacting equipment service life and reliability. We also work via the Web, acquiring equipment error logs and other relevant data from the customer, so that we can analyze them to diagnose and fix system errors.

Validation service

We provide all-round support for analytical precision maintenance and control operations. We also develop our own unique automatic calibration systems for use in good laboratory practice (GLP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP) inspections.

Application Service

Application support

Optimizing and adjusting equipment parameters and adding the latest functions are just two of the many elements of our application support.

Technical support

Our specialist engineers provide 24-hour support, offering know-how on instrument usage including support for equipment adjustment and analytical technologies. We also respond to requests for the latest technical information and information on parts.

Technical training support

We provide support for training operators and maintenance staff. This includes operational training and instruction in using the latest functions, among other things.

Solution Service

Corrective maintenance

We upgrade customers' equipment, systems and software. We also suggest ways to minimize environmental impact, for example by saving energy and resources and by establishing anti-earthquake measures.


We offer used, refurbished equipment at low cost.

Consultancy Service

Rather than simply maintaining equipment, we also suggest to our customers various services that anticipate operational problems. We do this by providing advice based on predictions of the future, including equipment usage technology and operational support, and improvements in yield.

Other Services

Installation and relocation

We work together with manufacturers for the proper installation of equipment. We also perform equipment relocations.

Supplying related equipment, parts and expendable supplies

Besides supplying the expendable supplies and parts essential for maintaining the smooth operation of equipment, we also supply the related instruments and equipment needed for optimal utilization.