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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL


April 1947 Established in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, as Hinode Shokai Co., Ltd. with capital of ¥195,000
October 1947 Company name changed to Nissei Sangyo


May 1960 New York branch office opened (now Hitachi High-Technologies America, Inc.)
July 1960 Dusseldorf branch office opened (now Hitachi High-Technologies Europe GmbH)
September 1962 The San Paulo liaison office (now Hitachi High-Technologies do Brasil Ltda.) is established
March 1964 Hong Kong representative office opened (now Hitachi High-Technologies Hong Kong Ltd.)
April 1965 Hitachi Instruments Service Co., Ltd. Established(now Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Corporation)


October 1971 Company listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
March 1972 Singapore branch office opened (now Hitachi High-Technologies (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)
April 1972 Nissei Oil Sales Co., Ltd. established (now Hitachi High-Tech Materials Corporation)
May 1972 Nissei Sangyo Brazil established (now Hitachi High-Technologies do Brasil Ltda)
October 1972 Company listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange
July 1973 Nissei Electronics Co., Ltd. Established
August 1978 Nissei Sangyo France S.A.R.L. established (now Hitachi High-Technologies France S.A.R.L.)


April 1980 Nissei Sangyo Canada, Inc. established (now Hitachi High-Technologies Canada, Inc.)
September 1983 The Company lists on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange
October 1983 Nissei Software, Inc. (now Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation) is established
April 1987 Nissei Service Inc. established (now Hitachi High-Tech Support Corporation)
October 1987 Nissei Engineering Inc. established


January 1992 Nissei Sangyo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. established (now Hitachi High-Technologies IPC(Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.)
January 1994 Nissei Sangyo Thailand Ltd. established (now Hitachi High-Technologies (Thailand) Ltd.)
October 1994 Nissei Sangyo Shanghai Co., Ltd. established (now Hitachi High-Technologies(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)
March 1994 Nissei Sanyo service Pte.Ltd.(now Hitachi High-Tech Instruments service (Asia) PTE. Ltd.)


October 2001 Company name changed to Hitachi High-Technologies Corp. following the integration of Hitachi's Instruments Group and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Group; Hitachi Science Systems, Ltd., Hitachi Naka Electronics Co., Ltd. and Naka Instruments Co., Ltd. (now Hitachi High-Tech Manufacturing & Service Corp.) made subsidiaries
January 2002 Nissei Sangyo Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. established (now Hitachi High-Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.)
March 2002 Giesecke & Devrient established
April 2003 SANYO High Technology Co., Ltd. (now Hitachi High-Tech Instruments Co., Ltd.) and SANYO High-Tech Service Co., Ltd. (now Hitachi High-Tech Instruments Service Co., Ltd.) made subsidiaries
June 2003 Corporate shift to “committee-based” organizational model.
March 2004 Hitachi Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd. made a subsidiary (Hitachi High-Tech Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd.)
April 2004 Hitachi High-Tech Trading Corporation Established (now Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation)
July 2004 Hitachi High-Tech Manufacturing & Service Corp. Established
April 2005 Nissei Science, Ltd. absorbed by Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
April 2005 Hitachi High-Technologies Korea Co.,Ltd. Established
May 2005 Hitachi High-Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. Established
September 2005 Hitachi High-Technologies Taiwan Corporation Established
April 2006 Hitachi High-Tech Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd. absorbed by Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
April 2007 Hitachi High-Tech Science Systems Corp. absorbed by Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
June 2007 Hitachi High Tech DE Technology name changed to Hitachi High-Tech Engineering Service Corporation (now Hitachi High-Tech Fine Systems Corporation)


April 2010 Hitachi High-Tech Instruments Co., Ltd.Merged Semiconductor manufacturing equipment business of Renesas Eastern Japan Semiconductor, Inc.
March 2011 Hitachi High-Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. absorbed by Hitachi High-Technologies(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
October 2011 PT. Hitachi High-Technologies Indonesia established.
April 2012 Hitachi High-TechTrading Corporation and Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation merge to form new subsidiary Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation
January 2013 SII NanoTechnology Inc. made a subsidary(now Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation)
April 2013 Hitachi High-Tech Engineering Service name changed to Hitachi High-Tech Fine Systems Corporation following the integration of Fine Technology Systems Business Group
April 2013 Chorus Call Asia Corporation established
April 2013 Hitachi High-Technologies India Private Limited established
October 2013 Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation merged design and development, quality assurance and the domestic sales division of Hitachi High-Tech’s analytical instruments business.
October 2013 Hitachi High-Tech Control Systems Corporation absorbed by Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation and Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation, Hitachi High-Tech Fine Systems Corporation
January 2014 Hitachi High-Technologies RUS Limited Liablity Company established
April 2014 Hitachi High-Technologies Mexico S.A. de C.V. established
June 2014 Hitachi High-Tech AW Cryo, Inc established
March 2015 In a joint incorporation-type split with Hitachi High-Tech Instruments Co., Ltd., Fasford Technology Co., Ltd. was established, the back-end semiconductor process businesses of both companies were transferred, and all issued shares of the company were transferred to TY Holdings Co., Ltd.
September 2015 Hitachi High-Tech Instruments Co., Ltd. was absorbed in a merger
September 2016 Hitachi High-Tech Kyushu Corporation Established