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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Why we engage in CSR Activities

At the same time as the global population is increasing and economic development is progressing, the contemporary world also faces complex global problems that present no easy solution, including climate change, poverty, and economic disparity.

These social problems go beyond national borders, and are therefore difficult for the governments of individual nations to resolve. Against this background, expectations on companies that have established a solid presence in the global market are increasing, and it is becoming impossible to imagine a resolution of social problems without corporate involvement. For companies, responding to these expectations will be a factor in their ability to survive. We believe that if a company fails to be needed by society, it will be difficult for that company to continue in business.

Rather than merely seeking profits, Hitachi High-Tech takes responsibility for the effect of its corporate activities on society, and works to respond appropriately to the demands of all of its stakeholders (encompassing consumers, shareholders, and society as a whole), striving to become through its business activities a company that is needed by society.

Hitachi High-Tech's unique strengths are technological capabilities, global sales capabilities and business finding exploration capabilities, and collaborate with customers and partners.

Via collaboration within the Hitachi High-Tech Group and the Hitachi Group in the areas of Analytical & Medical Solutions, Nano-Technology Solutions, and Industrial Solutions, using our products, technologies and scientific data with their proven reliability in addressing social problems, we will expand the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), and, making use of our abundant consulting experience and ability to propose solutions suited to the IoT era, we will work together with partners within the group and outside, creating innovation and contributing to the resolution of customer companies and societal problems.

Through the deployment of the high-tech solutions that we offer, we seek to realize societies in which all people are able to live comfortably, in safety and security.

At the Hitachi High-Tech Group, CSR means ensuring that all officers and staff share the Group’s basic philosophy and put it into practice in their corporate activities. Formulating plans based on global goals and KPI such as the SDGs and ISO 26000 international standard on social responsibility, we will promote group-wide CSR activities and realize continuous growth and increased medium- and long-term corporate value, fulfilling our social responsibility as a company.

Philosophy and Policies

Basic Philosophy

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation aims to be a successful enterprise trusted by all our stakeholders and contributing to social progress through business activities that emphasize value creation through high-tech solutions. We are committed to open, transparent, and reliable business practices. As we continue to grow, we will value environmental responsibility and strive to build a prosperous community, contributing as a corporate citizen with passion and pride in our work.

Corporate Vision

Simplify our customers' high-tech processes


Our mission is to help our customers be fast-moving, successful, cutting-edge businesses

Explanatory Phrase

Our obsevation, measurement and analysis systems maxinize yields while minimizing waste and safeguarding profit. Our processes, production systems, components and materials help our customers stay ahead of the curve.

Pyramid diagram: Hitachi High-Tech WAY

Hitachi High-Tech Group Code of Conduct

The Hitachi High-Tech Group Code of Conduct sets out the specific rules with which officers and employees alike should comply, from the perspective of corporate ethics and compliance.

Hitachi High-Tech Group Codes of Conduct (Excerpts)

  1. Toward a Sustainable Society
  2. Sincere and Fair Business Activities
    2.1 Fair Trading
    2.2 Relationships with Suppliers
    2.3 Relationships with Customers
  3. Respect for Human Rights
  4. Building a Work Environment That Brings Out Employee Strengths
  5. Information Management and Communication
  6. Protection of Intellectual Property and Brand
  7. Securing Corporate Assets
  8. Crisis Management
  9. Responsibilities of Employees
  10. Responsibilities of Top Management
  11. Supplementary Provisions to the Hitachi Group Codes of Conduct

Hitachi High-Tech Group's Materiality

In order to implement our basic philosophy and fulfill our responsibility to society, we have identified five themes of Materiality based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of international common rules and targets to be achieved in the 21st Century. We set specific action plans and targets and develop our activities.

Diagram: Hitachi High-Tech Group's Materiality

The Hitachi High-Tech Group's Stakeholders

The Hitachi High-Tech Group regards customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and the community and society as our main stakeholders. We will identify their needs and expectations through two-way dialogue with these stakeholders and will provide new value through our main business, while carrying out practical CSR activities.

CSR Promotion Framework

In order to promote CSR activities, the Sustainability Promotion Committee is composed of Sustainability Promotion Commissioners, consisting of the President and executive officers including those in charge of CSR and corporate divisions, along with Sustainability Promotion Working Group formed by the corporate divisions, business divisions and others. An Activity Plan is drafted by the Working Group and then deliberated and resolved by the Committee to promote activities implementing the PDCA cycle. In addition, the Hitachi High-Tech Group CSR Liaison Meeting shares the policies and status of activities among the Hitachi Group and the Hitachi High-Tech Group with the rest of the Group to promote Group-wide CSR activities.