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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

Why we engage in CSR Activities

At the same time as the global population is increasing and economic development is progressing, the contemporary world also faces complex global problems that present no easy solution, including climate change, poverty, and economic disparity.

These social problems go beyond national borders, and are therefore difficult for the governments of individual nations to resolve. Against this background, expectations on companies that have established a solid presence in the global market are increasing, and it is becoming impossible to imagine a resolution of social problems without corporate involvement. For companies, responding to these expectations will be a factor in their ability to survive. We believe that if a company fails to be needed by society, it will be difficult for that company to continue in business.

Rather than merely seeking profits, Hitachi High-Technologies takes responsibility for the effect of its corporate activities on society, and works to respond appropriately to the demands of all of its stakeholders (encompassing consumers, investors, and society as a whole), striving to become through its business activities a company that is needed by society.

Hitachi High-Technologies' unique strengths are technological capabilities, global sales capabilities and global procurement capabilities, and collaborate with customers and partners.

Via collaboration within the Hitachi High-Tech Group and the Hitachi Group in the areas of science & medical systems, electronic device systems, industrial systems, and advanced industrial products, using our products, technologies and scientific data with their proven reliability in addressing social problems, we will expand the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), and, making use of our abundant consulting experience and ability to propose solutions suited to the IoT era, we will work together with partners within the group and outside, creating innovation and contributing to the resolution of customer companies and societal problems.

Through the deployment of the high-tech solutions that we offer, we seek to realize societies in which all people are able to live comfortably, in safety and security.

At the Hitachi High-Tech Group, CSR means ensuring that all officers and staff share the Group’s basic philosophy and put it into practice in their corporate activities. Formulating plans based on the ISO 26000 international standard on social responsibility, we will promote group-wide CSR activities and realize continuous growth and increased medium- and long-term corporate value by means of both "defensive" and "offensive" CSR, fulfilling our social responsibility as a company.

Philosophy and Policies

Basic Philosophy

Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation aims to be a successful enterprise trusted by all our stakeholders and contributing to social progress through business activities that emphasize value creation through high-tech solutions. We are committed to open, transparent, and reliable business practices. As we continue to grow, we will value environmental responsibility and strive to build a prosperous community, contributing as a corporate citizen with passion and pride in our work.

Corporate Vision

To consistently aim to be Global Top in high-tech solutions

Hitachi High-Tech Group Code of Conduct

The Hitachi High-Tech Group Code of Conduct sets out the specific rules with which officers and employees alike should comply, from the perspective of corporate ethics and compliance.

Hitachi High-Tech Group Codes of Conduct

Chapter 1 Sincere and Fair Business Activities
  • 1.1 Provision of Safe High-Quality Products and Services
  • 1.2 Sales Activities
  • 1.3 Procurement Activities
  • 1.4 Respect of the Hitachi Brand
  • 1.5 Observance of Engineering Ethics
Chapter 2 Environmental Protection
  • 2.1 Promoting Environmental Management
  • 2.2 Environmentally Conscious Business Activities and Environmental Management
  • 2.3 Communication with Stakeholders
Chapter 3 Relations with Society
  • 3.1 Disclosure of Company Information
  • 3.2 Contribution to Local Communities
  • 3.3 Relations with Politics and Government Administration
  • 3.4 Prevention of Anti-social Transactions
  • 3.5 Regarding Gifts, Business Entertainment, Etc.
  • 3.6 Observance of Laws and Regulations and Respect of the Culture and Customs of Each Nation and Region
Chapter 4 Respect of Human Rights
  • 4.1 Promoting Respect of Human Rights
  • 4.2 Eliminating Discrimination
  • 4.3 Respect of Human Rights in Information Management
  • 4.4 Respect of Basic Rights at Work
Chapter 5 Management Foundations
  • 5.1 Management and Use of Information
  • 5.2 Use of Inside Information and Related Considerations
  • 5.3 Management and Preservation of Company Assets
  • 5.4 Arranging a Work Environment That Draws Out Employee Strengths
  • 5.5 Observance of Laws and Regulations Governing Imports and Exports
Chapter 6 Complete Observance of Codes of Conduct
  • 6.1 Complete Observance of Rules
  • 6.2 Implementation of Self-Audits
  • 6.3 Internal Reporting System
Chapter 7 Responsibilities of Top Management
  • Supplementary Provision

Themes of our Social Responsibility Initiatives

Our efforts to put our basic philosophy into practice and fulfill our social responsibility are focused on themes related to seven areas, based on ISO26000.

What Hitachi High-Technologies seeks to achieve via CSR Activities

Compliance, corporate governance, and other activities based on fundamental principles and right conduct represent "defensive" CSR, and are the foundation of our corporate activities. This aspect of CSR is of course important, but because it is something that should be naturally practiced by a company, we cannot expect it to be positively evaluated by society. Nevertheless, if it is not practiced, the company will be criticized and negatively evaluated. Hitachi High-Technologies will focus its efforts on the "offensive" CSR shown in the upper right of the figure. This means that we will respond to the demands and expectations of society, and provide the value that only Hitachi High-Technologies can.
This will contribute to continuous growth for both society and Hitachi High-Technologies. In addition to this, it will increase the respect in which we are held by society.

  • * CSV: Creating Shared Value
    CSV means that companies create social value by responding to social needs and problems, and as a result also create economic value.

The Hitachi High-Tech Group's Stakeholders

The Hitachi High-Tech Group regards customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors, employees, and the community and society as our main stakeholders. We will identify their needs and expectations through two-way dialogue with these stakeholders and will provide new value through our main business, while carrying out practical CSR activities.

Evaluation by External Bodies (SRI, etc.)

We also actively cooperate with external surveys to evaluate our suitability for inclusion in SRI* brand rankings, which take social and environmental initiatives into account as investment criteria.

Evaluation by External Bodies (SRI, etc.)
Category Evaluating Body Results of Evaluation
SRI EIRIS The brands included in the FTSE4Good Index Series
Ranking Toyo Keizai 119th in the 11th Toyo Keizai CSR Ranking
(Published in the April 13, 2017 edition of Weekly Toyo Keizai)
  • * Socially Responsible Investment
    Investment activities in which investment funds evaluate companies from the perspective of CSR and select brands for inclusion in these indexes