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Measurement of Plating Samples

Solder is typical of samples that contain Pb. We can obtain accurate results by the Thin Film FP method. However, when it comes to measuring plating wire lead samples, accurate results may be difficult if the irradiation area is small. The following is test data using the SEA1200VX.

Applied to Complicated Shapes

The Film FP is a useful method for measuring plating samples such as solder. The accuracy of measuring plating wire lead samples can be improved by placing many samples in a row, completely covering the irradiation area. However, SEA1200VX achieves similar results by measuring only one sample or two samples together by using the correction function that takes advantage of scattered X-rays.

  • Placing samples in row for full beam coverage is basic
  • Perform Shape Correction for samples that are smaller than the beam size

Sn Plating lead wire with the thickness of 10.7µm
Thin Film FP with Shape Correction

    Sn Plating Thickness (µm) Pb Conc (wt%)
One String Set Lengthwise 11.61 0.0421
Two Strings Set Lengthwise 11.45 0.0318
Cover Beam Size Set Lengthwise 11.26 0.0317
Two Strings
Cover Beam Size
Measurement of Plating Samples

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