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Measurement of Chlorine (Cl) in Air Condition

Hitachi High-Tech Science's original filter for chlorine enables quick measurement of chlorine.

Measurement of Polyethylene Resin Standard

Hitachi High-Tech Science developed a filter for measuring chlorine. A lower detection limit of 20ppm is achieved even in air, which is an advantage to vacuum since vacuum draw-down time is not required. Liquid and powder samples can also be measured.

  • Capable of Cl measurement under "Air Condition"
  • Capable of Cl measuring Cl in liquids and powders
  • Excellent DLL (in PE): 20ppm

Measurement Condition (SEA1200VX)

Meas. Time (sec): 100
Collimator: φ8.0mm
Voltage (kV): 15
Current (µA): 545
Filter: for Cl
Mylar: OFF
Atmosphere: Air
Peaking Time: 1.0µsec

Measurement of Cl in BCR680
Certified Value 810 ± 16

Cl Concentration
# of measurement 10 times
Ave. 873
Range 34
STDEV 11.4
CV(%) 1.3
Measurement of Chlorine (Cl) in Air Condition

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