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Measurement of Print Circuit Boards (PCB)

As a recent trend, Halogen free is getting standard as well as RoHS and ELV directives. The well known Halogen free compliance can be non-use of Br as flame retardant. SEA1200VX is capable of measurement of small amount of Cl in resin as well as Br.

Halogen Free in Resin Products

In addition to RoHS and ELV directives, halogen free products are also now being sought. A typical example is limits on the use of bromine compounds such as fire retardants. The SEA1200VX is able to measure, in addition to Br compounds, small amounts of chlorine contained in resin in conformance to conventional RoHS directives.

Measurement of Small amount of Chlorine (Cl) in Resin

If a sample contains approximately 70ppm chlorine, we know that quantitative analysis is performed with good repeatability from a CV value of 3.6% for 10 repetitions, as the straight line in the figure below shows.

Measurement Condition (SEA1200VX)

Meas. Time(sec): 100
Collimator: φ8.0mm
Voltage(kV): 15
Current(µA): 545

Filter: for Cl
Mylar: Film
Atmosphere: Vacuum
Peaking Time: 1.0µsec

PCB Epoxy Resin Measurement

Cl Concentration (ppm)
# of measurement 10 times
Ave. 66.9
Range 7
CV (%) 3.6
Measurement of Print Circuit Boards (PCB)

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