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View according to field: Materials Analysis AFM (inorganic, metal)


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Since modern manufacturing at its core relies on a diverse range of nano materials, high-precision measurement of a sample’s surface topography and chemical composition have become an essential part of materials research. The AFM5500M combines the topography, composition and elemental analysis functions of SEMs with an AFM’s 3D topography measurement capabilities and solutions for analysis of mechanical and electromagnetic properties. It also measures work functions in both ambient and vacuum environments, enabling highly sensitive MFM measurement of vacuums, thus firmly meeting a variety of measurement needs that occur at sites carrying out materials research.

Automated sample navigation for correlated AFM-SEM imaging at the same location

Applicable products: AFM5500MAFM5300E

“SÆMic.” is a one-piece solution that combines the topography, composition, and elemental analysis functions of SEMs with the ability of AFMs to conduct 3D measurement and analyze/evaluate mechanical (hardness, adsorbent, abrasive), electromagnetic (electrical current, resistance, potential), and magnetic (magnetism) properties. Through the use of a linkage holder, it also enables easy analysis/evaluation of identical points with a SEM and AFM.

Enabling re-correlation analysis of SEM-AFM

Measurements of work functions in ambient or vacuum environments

Applicable products:AFM5300E

This model is capable of carrying out KFM (kelvin force microscopy) of a single sample in both ambient and vacuum environments. Even when using different measurement techniques in ambient and vacuum environments, there will be no gap in results and it is thus possible to calculate the impact of the environment (atmosphere/vacuum) on the calculation of work functions.

Cases of KFM measurement of metal Pt samples and NB dope SrTio 3 samples in vacuum and ambient environments

High-sensitivity MFM measurements in ambient or vacuum environments

Applicable products:AFM5300E

Capable of isolating and generating an image of the magnetic forces that affect magnetic tips and samples as variations in cantilever vibration. Since it can be used for measurement in a vacuum environment, there is little of the viscosity resistance generated by gas molecules and liquids that might occur in ambient environments or solutions. By setting appropriate Q options automatically, it also enables highly sensitive, high-resolution magnetic imaging.

Observation of the magnetic recording states of hard disks via MFM
(atmosphere, vacuum)

This section introduces applications (actual measurement cases) for scanning probe microscopes (SPM/AFM).

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This section offers information aimed at customers who use our scanning probe microscopes.

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