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View according to field: Materials Analysis AFM (Semiconductors)


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High-resolution measurement for increasing miniaturization

Superconductor devices require faster high-speed processing and higher functionality than ever. To meet those performance needs, miniaturization and high integration within the semiconductor manufacturing process are constantly growing. This requires extremely high-resolution and high-precision measurements that are difficult to achieve. The AFM5300E securely meets the needs of the semiconductor industry by enabling AFM measurement in vacuum environments, along with high-resolution electromagnetism measurements and observation of dopant distribution.

High-resolution measurements in a vacuum

Applicable products:

Capable of AFM measurement in vacuum environments. When measuring electromagnetic properties in a high-vacuum environment, this model eliminates the influence of absorbed water, atmospheric gas molecules and moisture on the surface, preventing oxidation of the sample surface and enabling high-resolution measurement that results in an understanding of physical properties that is closer to theoretical values.


When performing imaging via SPMs with vibrating cantilevers, the viscosity resistance generated by gas molecules impacts the sensitivity of force detection.
By employing Q control in vacuum environments, it is possible to perform imaging with a higher degree of sensitivity.

Actual cases of observation of nanomagnetic hexagonal lattices with magnetic force microscopes (MFM)

Observations of dopant distribution

Applicable products:

While AFM analysis of semiconductor dopant distribution has been performed with SSRM (scanning spreading resistance microscopy) and SCM (scanning capacitance microscopy) in the past, use of SNDM (scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy) technology in vacuum environments enables low-density observation and highly precise measurement of CV property curves.


FE-SEM/SNDM observation results of SiC MOS FET
(Overlapping of SNDM images with SEM images)

This section introduces applications (actual measurement cases) for scanning probe microscopes (SPM/AFM).

Information for product users

This section offers information aimed at customers who use our scanning probe microscopes.

For first-time users

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