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ONEx WAN™ TCP Optimization Technology

ONEx WAN™ is a WAN optimization solution for applications using TCP. It provides optimization without installation or setup of dedicated software on the client side.


ONEx WAN™ is a TCP optimization solution which provides optimization without installation or setup of dedicated software on the client side, offering easily expandable WAN environment catering to a diverse range of global business needs.

Even in a network where packet loss is prevalent, ONEx WAN boosts data transmission to any applications using TCP over WAN. When installed on the data source side, it serves multiple locations, not requiring client-side installation. When installed on both source and client sides, even speedier data transfer becomes possible.


Optimizes Network Bandwidth

ONEx WAN minimizes the influence from the distance and/or packet loss onto TCP transfer performance, optimizing the network bandwidth and enabling high-speed downloading via Internet and onto mobile devices.

Accelerates Various Applications

ONEx WAN helps accelerate various applications using TCP by eliminating caching.

Eliminates Client-Side Installation

ONEx WAN does not require installation of any special device or software on the client side. You only need to install the ONEx WAN software on the existing data source environment. It can also be used for virtual environment such as a data center.

What kind of apps does ONEx WAN fit?

Demo video

Disclaimer: This demo video is not intended to be part of any commercial offer and is provided solely for informational purposes. Such information does not in any way constitute commitments, promises, or legal obligations upon which customers may or should rely. In no event shall Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (HTA) be liable to customers.

Key elements to determine its performance

Use cases

Performance image based on the offered models

Distance: 50 km (31.0686 miles)

Round-Trip Time: 50 ms

< In 25M bandwidth >

< In 50M bandwidth >

< In 250M bandwidth >

News release

Verizon Business Group has announced Virtual Network Services – Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimization using Hitachi's ONEx WAN™ technology