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Nippon Signal MEMS 3D laser sensor

Nippon Signal FX-8 3D laser sensor
Laser Ranging (Scanning) Image/Sensor


The Nippon Signal FX-8 MEMS-Scanner is a sensor able to actively scan a 2D area (Vertically at 50 degrees, Horizontally at 60 degrees) in ambient light with resistance of up to 200,000 lx and above.

Possible application usages for the Nippon Signal FX-8 sensor are: People counter, factory robotic production automation, automated guided vehicle, and object detection.


Detection range: 0.3m ~ 5m
Laser scanning area: 60° Horizontal
Laser scanning area: 50° Vertical
Frame rate: 20f/s 16f/s 10f/s 4f/s
Resolution: 43x25 53x33 65x40 100x60
Angular resolution: 25x36 mrad 20x27 mrad 16x23 mrad 11x15 mrad
Resolution range: Min. 4mm
Ambient light resistance: 200,000
Dimension: W62 x H66 x D89mm
Weight: 0.6kg
Supply voltage: DC +12V ~ +24V
Interface: Ethernet (TCP/IP)