Purposeful Consolidated Management Initiatives

In December 2003 “aiming for global leadership in the high-tech solutions business” was adopted as part of the Corporate Vision, and this goal has remained constant ever since.

To realize this goal a Management Reform Project was initiated in order to promote “purposeful consolidated management,” while respecting the individuality of the group companies around the world, and efforts to “maximize corporate value” for the group as a whole. The project involved taking a hard, honest look at problem points in all areas of corporate activity, with nowhere off limits to scrutiny, holding frank discussions, and incorporating the results into the fiscal 2005 budget and medium-term management plan. In April 2005 President Hayashi issued a list of 16 detailed and specific reform items entitled “Implementing Management Reforms.”

The major aims of the reforms were to concentrate resources on four core businesses (semiconductor manufacturing and evaluation equipment; instrumentation related to the life sciences; information and manufacturing systems; and electronic components, industrial materials, and electronic materials), to bring in a more muscular management organization, and to optimize the group as a whole.

Corporate Vision and operation guidelines (from fiscal 2006 financial results briefing materials)