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Social Background

At COP 21, held in 2015, participating nations adopted long-term targets to control the rise of the Earth's average temperature, and in 2016 the Paris Agreement went into effect. Japan, too, has announced medium- and long-term goals for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are common rules for the 21st century international community and used as benchmarks, also contain goals concerning the environment, such as No. 13, "Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts," recognizing environmental issues as a common problem for the whole world.
Corporations must not only deal appropriately with social issues concerning the environment, such as responding to climate change, but are also expected to contribute in various ways, including through their business.

Objective of Activities for Protecting the Natural Environment

The Hitachi High-Tech Group is promoting environmentally-friendly business and management based on the Hitachi Group’s environmental vision. While also contributing to environmental preservation via its core business, through the efforts of its employees and their families Hitachi High-Tech continues to promote activities to protect natural ecosystems and to contribute to local environmental preservation.


1. Afforestation Efforts

Using the Forestry Agency’s "Incorporated Forests" system, Hitachi High-Tech has borrowed ca. 2.3 ha of national forest in Ishioka City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Naming this national forest the "Hitachi High-Tech Yasato Forest," Hitachi employees and their families planted 5,600 Japanese cypress and other saplings in April 2005 and the company will be engaged in efforts to care for these trees over a period of 60 years.
Hitachi High-Tech Fielding, too, has used the same system to borrow land in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture (since 2002, 1.8 ha) and Inabe City in Mie Prefecture (since 2003, 1.0 ha) and is promoting tree-planting efforts at this "HISCO* Forest."
Hitachi High-Tech will continue to continuously raise forests until the seedlings have grown and can be logged, in order to contribute to protecting the natural environment and preventing global warming.

  • * HISCO:
    Taken from the initials of the former English-language name of Hitachi High-Tech Fielding, formerly Hitachi Instruments Service Co., Ltd.

2.Protecting Biodiversity

With continuing economic growth, places around the world are experiencing various forms of development, such as urbanization, while destruction and pollution of the natural environment, as well as excessive use of resources, are increasing and causing a crisis for the Earth's biodiversity. The Hitachi High-Tech Group collaborates and cooperates with local communities and environmental nonprofit organizations, and the like to actively engage in efforts to protect biodiversity. Since fiscal 2016, activities to protect biodiversity have been included in all Group companies' environmental action plans in order to increase awareness of the issue across the entire Group.

3.Local Clean-up Activities

As an activity for protecting the natural environment, all Hitachi High-Tech Group business locations regularly carry out clean-ups of their surroundings and adjacent areas.
An activity to clean up the area surrounding the headquarters building begun in January 2015 took place for the 18th time on June 4, 2019, with a total of 760 people participating.
At Hitachi High-Tech Science, 17 employees participated on August 25, 2018 in volunteer cleaning efforts at Mt. Fuji.