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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

We endeavor to build good partnerships with all of our suppliers and strive to maintain and enhance mutual understanding and relationships of trust. In this context, we will work with partners who demonstrate consideration for CSR.

Basic Policy

Whether in Japan or overseas, the Group uses proper, fair, and equitable procedures to select suppliers based on the Hitachi Group' s common procurement policy, conducting a full assessment of the quality, delivery schedule, and price of the item to be procured, the supplier' s technology development capabilities and acquisition of any environmental certification, and whether or not the supplier fulfills their social responsibility (environmental conservation, protection of human rights, contribution to society, etc.)

With the cooperation and understanding of all of our suppliers, we are promoting CSR activities throughout the supply chain.

Excerpt from the Hitachi High-Technologies Guidelines for Procurement Activities

In selecting suppliers, the Hitachi High-Tech Group will comply with the proper prescribed procedures, giving full consideration not only to the quality, reliability, delivery times, and prices of the materials supplied, and the management stability and technology development capabilities of suppliers, but also to an assessment of whether those suppliers are fulfilling their social responsibility. More specifically, this assessment will focus on the performance of suppliers in terms of fair and transparent disclosure of information, compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms, respect for human rights, the eradication of unjust discrimination relating to employment and occupations, the abolition of child labor and forced labor, environmental conservation activities, activities that contribute to society, the creation of good workplace environments, and a shared sense of social responsibility with their business partners.

Our Guidelines for Procurement Activities are published on the materials procurement page of this website and we undertake widespread disclosure

Global Adoption of Common Standards for Evaluating Suppliers

In FY2012, the Group set to work on establishing common standards for the evaluation of suppliers based on the Basic Policy outlined above. The Hitachi High-Technologies Guidelines for Procurement Activities were published in FY2013. We are steadily facilitating the global adoption of these Guidelines, such as by publishing English- and Chinese-language versions in FY2015.

Supply Chain Management

It is important to create positive partnerships with suppliers in order to provide better products and services reliably to customers. On the other hand, procurement risks in the supply chain become greater as businesses expand globally. Hence, it is necessary to have an understanding of these risks from the outset and to minimize them.

Initiatives for CSR Procurement

Please click here for details of initiatives to conduct monitoring (self-examination) of the CSR activities of our suppliers.

Supplier Briefings at Each Manufacturing Base

Supplier briefing (Naka Division)

TheIt is essential to establish a shared awareness of CSR through the dissemination of information to suppliers and two-way communication with them, so we hold regular briefings for the companies that supply our product manufacturing divisions. We hold briefings at each of the Company' s manufacturing bases twice each year to explain the Hitachi Group' s initiatives aimed at promoting green procurement activities and supply chain CSR activities. Since FY2013, the Supply-Chain CSR Procurement Guidelines (revised in January of 2017) issued by the Hitachi Group serve as the common standard for evaluating suppliers. We are currently engaged in verification with suppliers, as well as seeking to deepen mutual understanding and promote CSR procurement activities.

Promoting Procurement Tailored to Environmental CSR

The Group practices green procurement, prioritizing environmentally friendly items in our procurement of products, components, and materials. With legislation such as the RoHS Directive becoming increasingly stringent, we manage the chemical substances contained in our products and respond to the extension of regulations governing chemical substances via the Hitachi Group' s A Gree' Net green procurement system. In addition, we promote the Hitachi Group' s Environment and CSR-Based MONOZUKURI activities, while our Naka Division has provided encouragement and support to ensure that all suppliers actively engage in environmental conservation activities. As a result, as of FY2016, just under 90% of the 1,100 or so companies supplying the Naka Division were verified and registered as Green Suppliers*.

  • * Suppliers whose environmental management systems have been verified and registered.

Please click here for details of our initiatives to preserve biodiversity in conjunction with our suppliers.