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High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph Chromaster

High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph Chromaster

HPLC for today and tomorrow

[Outstanding Performance]

Two performance capabilities supporting data reliability: excellent reproducibility made possible by the pump and autosampler and excellent stability of the column oven and detector.


Along with simple operation and ease of use, Chromaster offers ease of maintenance, a critical requirement for HPLC.


Hitachi's reputation for instrument robustness and reliability continues with the Chromaster, which is built using stronger materials and manufactured with Hitachi's strict quality control standards.



*1 :Optional


*1 :Optional

*2 : Autosamplers with or without thermostat are available

*3 : Pumps with or without Auto-purge valve are available


Module lineup


5110: Pressure up to 40 MPa
5160: Pressure up to 60 MPa

Basic UHPLC models with a wide range of HPLC application
Operating flow late range 0.001 to 9.999 mL/min 0.001 to 5.000 mL/min
Maximum operating pressure 40 MPa (0.001 to 5.000 mL/min)
20 MPa (5.001 to 9.999 mL/min)
60 MPa (0.001 to 2.500 mL/min)
30 MPa (2.501 to 5.000 mL/min)
Dimensions 340(W) × 440(D) × 140(H) mm
Number of mixed solvents*1 Up to 4

* With low pressure gradient unit (optional)


5260: Withstand pressure 60 MPa, Loop injection method
5280: Withstand pressure 60 MPa, Direct injection method

Product lineup to accommodate various applications
Sample injection system Loop injection method (Cut injection, All volume injection, Full loop injection method) Direct injection method
Withstand pressure 60 MPa 60 MPa
Washing function Equipped with built-in washing pump
Two-solvent washing function
Wash solvent delivery by a syringe
Sample rack temperature control 1 to 45 °C 1 to 35 °C
(Temperature setting range) Capable of cooling and heating Cooling only
Sample capacity Standard 120 × 1.5 mL 200 × 1.5 mL
Optional 72 × 4 mL 128 × 4 mL

Column Oven

5310: Horizontal type
6310: Vertical type

Easily accommodates a 300-mm analytical column fitted with a guard-column
Temperature setting range 1 to 85 °C (1 °C step) 4 to 90 °C (1 °C step)
Temperature control range [Ambient temperature -15 °C] to [Ambient temperature +60 °C] and range of the temperature setting [Ambient temperature -15 °C] to [Ambient temperature +75 °C] and within temperature setting range
Column capacity 300 mm × 3 (Maximum)
Built-in 3-liter water tank - Available
Dimensions 410(W) × 440(D) × 140(H) mm 165(W) × 515(D) × 689(H) mm (Legs are not included)


5410: UV Detector
5420: UV-Vis Detector
5430: Diode Array Detector
5440: Fluorescence Detector
5450: RI Detector
5610: MS Detector

Item5410 UV Detector5420 UV-Vis Detector5430 Diode Array Detector
Optical system Double-beam ratio photometric system Single-beam ratio photometric system
Wavelength range 190 to 600 nm 190 to 900 nm 190 to 900 nm
Flow cell Optical path length 10 mm
Simultaneous measurement Two-wavelength* spectrum acquisition
Dimensions 340(W) × 440(D) × 140(H) mm

* Please contact us for details.

Item5440 Fluorescence Detector
Light source Xe lamp, Hg lamp for checking wavelength
Wavelength range Ex: 200 to 850 nm
Em: 250 to 900 nm (Change photomultiplier at 731 nm or more)
Flow cell Irradiation volume 12 µL
Dimensions 340 (W) × 440 (D) × 280 (H) mm
Item5450 RI Detector
Refractive index range 1 to 1.75
Temperature control range OFF, and 30 to 50 °C
Dimensions 340 (W) × 440 (D) × 140 (H) mm, excluding projections
Item5610 MS Detector
Measurement mass range (m/z) 20 to 1,000
Ion source Electrospray ionization (ESI)
Dimensions 440 (W) × 610(D) × 430 (H) mm
N2 gas usage Max flow rate 3.4 L/min, Pressure 300 ± 20 kPa


Output power DC24 V, 450 W
Supplies power to one pump, one autosampler, one detector (UV detector, UV-Vis detector, Diode array detector, or RI detector), and one interface control board
Bottle capacity and space 1.0 L bottle × 6 and 500 mL bottle × 3(Maximum), 314(W) × 280.8(D) mm
Dimensions 340 (W) × 420 (D) × 200 (H) mm


System Performance

Analysis Example from the Chromaster 60 MPa System

The 60 MPa system, which can be used with columns containing 2.0 µm or smaller particles, and core-shell columns, is capable of conventional HPLC analysis and also ensures improved resolution performance and shorter analysis time.

Sample Alkylphenones
Column LaChrom II C18 (5 µm) 4.6 mm I.D. × 150mmL
LaChromUltra II C18 (1.9 µm) 2.0 mm I.D. × 50 mmL
Column temperature 40 °C
Mobile phase A: H2O, B: CH3CN
Gradient mode High Frequency Mode
Wavelength 247 nm

The following options are used with UHPLC column:

  • Low dispersion piping kit
  • Semi-micro mixer (200 µL)
  • Semi-micro flow cell unit

Example of Carry-over analysis (5260)

Even when highly adsorbing Chlorhexidine is analyzed, the carry-over is extremely low.


Easy to use

Analysis Example from the Chromaster 60 MPa System

Most optional accessories are internally mounted to reduce the HPLC system's height. The handle located on the front side of the organizer moves vertically for easy access to solvent bottles.


Module operations and the replacement of consumable and maintenance parts can be performed from the front side.


With attention to detail on the housing of tubes and wires, the system keeps tubes from getting tangled up, ensures the ease of replacement, and provides adequate seismic stability.


Column management system (optional)

Hitachi's column management system can manage the Log information on analytical columns and guard columns from any manufacturer.
Log information can be written and read through a connector mounted on the column oven or USB port in the computer. ID Tags can be used repeatedly*.

* Approximate read/write life time : 100,000 times


Wakeup (automatic pre-analysis tasks) and Sleep (automatic post-analysis tasks) programs

Automatic system Wakeup and Sleep from GUI

  • In Conditioning, up to 10 programs can be created by combining any of the module settings, such as pre-analysis tasks of system (Wakeup), and post-analysis tasks of system (Sleep).
  • For Wakeup program ending time, you can specify any time on current day, the following day, or two days later.
  • The Sleep program starts at a specified time on the current day/the following day, or after the end of a continuous analysis run.

Automated system standby can reduce the amount of time required to make preparations for an analysis run.



Here are two examples of experiments that can be done using the Chromaster system:

  1. Column switching valves enable automation of the pretreatment process such as biological sample enrichment, removing impurities and other processes.
  2. The ability to switch between two different wavelengths in real time can be used to resolve the co-elution of impurities in drug products.




These data are an example of measurement; the individual values cannot be guaranteed.
The system is for research use only, and is not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.

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