Hitachi Instruments (Dalian) Co. Ltd.: Establishment of the First Offshore Development Center to Create Products for the Local Market

Hitachi Instruments (Dalian) Co. Ltd., established in 2003 as a local subsidiary to manufacture scientific analysis equipment, shipped products such as liquid chromatographs and spectrophotometers to Japan, Europe, and North America. In April 2011 the company name was changed to that currently in use, and in June Hitachi High- Technologies’ first offshore development center was established there.

Seiya Kojima, President of Hitachi Instruments (Dalian) Co. Ltd. and the project leader in charge of setting up the development center, described its purpose as follows: “In China and other Asian countries experiencing remarkable growth there is increasing demand for analysis equipment for research, quality control, etc., in fields such as pharmaceuticals, food products, and the environment. Hitachi Instruments (Dalian) Co. Ltd. has established a development center to be able to respond rapidly and precisely to local needs. The goal is to refl ect local needs, as determined from joint development with local customers, industry trends, etc., in the development of new products for the local market.”

“The development staff working on new products was under the guidance of personnel from the Naka Division, but they lacked experience and the development work was slipping further and further behind schedule,” explained Li Xin, a project leader at the development center who was with Hitachi Instruments (Dalian) since its establishment. “Nevertheless, we were determined to create products that Chinese companies and people would want to buy, and after about a year we completed the Primaide liquid chromatograph.”

The Primaide, introduced in August 2012, was highly regarded for its excellent performance and quality, in spite of its low price. As expected, sales grew steadily, mainly in the Chinese market.

To further cultivate the market, the development center directed its efforts into offering a full range of peripheral devices and software to complement the Primaide, and to strengthening its links with sales agents in China. They then proceeded with the development of new products based on information on customer requirements gained through those efforts.

Moving forward, Hitachi Instruments (Dalian) is committed to making the most of the marketing capabilities of Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation, maintaining a constant awareness of costs, further strengthening the development and manufacturing system, collaboration with leading enterprises, and system expansion (through development of custom devices, etc.).

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Application testing lab