Taking on the Challenge of Change, Deepening the “Hitachi High-Tech WAY”

As the 15th anniversary of the founding of Hitachi High-Technologies in 2015 approached, Masahiro Miyazaki was appointed Representative Executive Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Board Director in April, and he set about promoting a strengthening of the company’s business portfolio by shifting resources to growth fields, acceleration of the global growth strategy, and a bolstering of the company’s capacity to create new business opportunities.

Upon assuming his new post, President Miyazaki stated his approach as follows: “We must do our utmost to help our customers create cutting-edge businesses. To achieve this will require ‘all-hands management’ in which we make overall optimization of each workplace our evaluation standard; create an organization characterized by distributed autonomy, with individuals thinking, deciding, and acting autonomously in the workplace; and train outstanding personnel as needed. The market is changing, and we must shift from a business approach targeting the mass market to a solutions business approach in which we respond precisely to the individual needs of our customers with sophisticated and specialized products. We must strive for change moving forward.

“We must also continue to assure strict compliance and put safety first while deepening our implementation of the Hitachi High-Tech WAY. What’s more, I want Hitachi High-Technologies to be a company where each of us is ready to go beyond their assigned role and indeed to do a lot more. Striving to be a diverse enterprise in which employees can grow and really show what they can do themselves is essential to fostering innovation, and I will implement initiatives to promote this.”

In the area of organizational reforms, in April the Global Business Strategy Group, Global Trading Group, and Strategic Planning Division were disbanded; the Industrial & IT Systems Business Group and Advanced Industrial Products Business Group were newly established; and the Solution Business Promotion Center was set up within the New Business Development Division.

Efforts at business expansion aimed at improving efficiency and integrating business operations included the absorption of Hitachi High-Tech Instruments Co., Ltd., by Hitachi High-Technologies in September 2015 and the transfer and consolidation of the analysis equipment business of Hitachi High-Tech Manufacturing & Service Corp. at Hitachi High-Tech Science Corp. in April 2016.

In June 2015, under a business partnership agreement with ORIX Rentec Corporation, an analysis equipment rental service backed by the manufacturer’s warranty was launched. In July Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corp. teamed up with Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. to provide “JP1 link solutions for PTC Axeda.” In November Hitachi High-Technologies and Kawada Robotics Corporation signed an agreement to collaborate in the humanoid robot business. In January 2016 Hitachi High-Tech Solutions entered a business partnership agreement with Hitachi Capital Corporation to develop business opportunities incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT). In February sales commenced of “standard anti-cyberattack solutions” combining PC malware monitoring and removal software supplied by Hitachi, Ltd. and cyberattack detection products from FireEye, Inc.

In the area of collaboration with overseas enterprises, in June Acaho (UK) Ltd. signed on as a sales representative for next-generation multi-communication platforms. The same month Hitachi High-Tech Science agreed to act as Japan sales representative for gas chromatograph and gas chromatograph mass spectroscopy products of Techcomp Holdings Ltd. of China. Finally, Hitachi High-Technologies entered a partnership agreement with Germany’s Qiagen N.V. related to the genetic testing business.

Masahiro Miyazaki
Masahiro Miyazaki
Representative Executive Officer,
President and Chief Executive Officer, and Board Director
edition of Nihon Keizai Shimbun reporting
Article in April 28, 2015, edition of Nihon Keizai Shimbun reporting the largest net profit since the establishment of Hitachi High-Technologies
Making the maximum contribution
Making the maximum contribution toward turning our customers into fast-moving, cutting-edge businesses
Presentation at WAY Creative Cafe on “Diversity Characteristic of the Hitachi High-Technology Group” (3rd session on February 10, 2015)