Reformulation into Three Business Domains, with the Customer as the Focus

Following the adoption of CS11, changes in the global economy and the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake brought about a sudden restructuring of the business world in Japan, the implications of which extended even to advanced fields such as semiconductors and LCDs. To cope with these sudden changes, in April 2014 the four target fields were rebundled into three business domains (bioscience/healthcare, social/industrial infrastructure, and advanced industrial systems), which were to be prioritized in the strategic allocation of investment and resources.

Upon assuming his post in April 2015, President Miyazaki declared that “we should make the customer the focus, not Hitachi High-Technologies” and stated that the mission of Hitachi High-Technologies was “to make the maximum contribution toward enabling customers to become enterprises at the forefront that create new cutting-edge business opportunities.” The company can attain “global leadership in the high-tech solutions business” by realizing goals that are customer-focused. To make a real contribution to its customers’ success, to proceed together with its customers, the Hitachi High-Technologies Group is committed to deepening its program of reforms in its 16th year and thereafter.

Three Business Domains