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Magnetic Force Microscope (MFM)

[Received the Magnetic Society of Japan Best Paper Award 2003 & 2005]

A magnetic action between magnetic probe and sample is produced and imaged as potential changes in cantilever oscillation.
High sensitivity and high resolution magnetic domain imaging is possible by measuring in vacuum.


Schematic animation of MFM measurement

Vacuum MFM measurement of in situ thermal demagnetization of Nd-Fe-B sintered magnet *¹


Nearly-free single magnetic domain wall of NiFe semicircular wire loop *²


*1 T. Yamaoka et al., "Vacuum magnetic force microscopy at high temperatures: Observation of permanent magnets", Microscopy Today, 22, 12‐16, 2014.

*2 E. Saitoh et al, “Current‐induced resonance and mass determination of a single magnetic domain wall”, Nature, 432, 203‐206, 2004.

MFM with Magnetic Fields Applied by Electromagnets


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