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Fluttering Butterflies

Fluttering Butterflies
© Yuka Aoki, Junichi Fuse (Hitachi High-Tech Manufacturing & Service corporation)
© Masanari Furiki, Masako Nishimura (Hitachi High-Tech corporation)

Butterflies are fluttering in a grass field.
This is a non-coated calcium sulfate, observed using a Variable Pressure SEM. In general, calcium sulfate is well known as a plaster and it is used to create chalk. Chalk also comes in a wide array of colors, as do butterflies. You can imagine these butterflies are lending their beautiful colors to the chalk.

(Field 1: Non-biology)
At the 16th International Microscopy Congress (IMC16),Micrograph Competition (2006).


Specimen: Chalk (Calcium Sulfate)

Instrument: Scanning Electron Microscope S-3400N

Accelerating voltage: 5 kV

Vacuum: 50 Pa

Signal: BSE

*All information related to these photographers is based on the information when the photo was taken.

*This work was presented at the 16th International Microscopy Congress (IMC16), Micrograph Competition.

*Reproduction or republication without permission prohibited.

*"nanoart" is registered trademark of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation in Japan.

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