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Copyright and Link Policy


All contents of this website, nanoart are the copyright of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation. Reprint, copy, broadcast, public transmission, translation, distribution and lending of the information is prohibited without permission from HHT with exception that it is approved by the copyright law such as "private use" or "quotation". Concerning the works that hold copyrighters other than HHT, it is also required to get permission from the copyrighters. In case of the use that might exceed the extent of private use, please contact in advance to as you might need permission from HHT and relevant copyrighters.

Link Policy

HHT welcomes links to nanoart web site.
If you would like to establish link from your web site to nanoart web page, you may use a hypertext link or nanoart banner provided below. It must always be an active link to



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* Reproduction or republication without permission prohibited.

* "nanoart" is registered trademark of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation in Japan.

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