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Frozen Dahlia

Frozen Dahlia

© Yukari Dan, Miki Tsuchiya, Masaomi Ono (Hitachi High-Technlogies Corporation)

This figure shows SEM image of fabric softener liquid specimen at the stage temperature -140°C (Cryo transfer). The specimen was pre-processed using rapid freezing and freeze fracturing methods. This SEM images revealed that some 0.5 µm-diameter microscopic particles were densely packed in an approx. 8 µm-diameter particle. This multi capsule structure helps effective adherence of softener to fabric and softening and aroma effects in long stretches. This picture resembles dahlia petals with balmy fragrance.

At 72th photo contest hosted by the Japanese Society of Microscopy in 2016.


  • Specimen : Fabric softener liquid
  • Instrument : Ultra-high Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU8200 Series (SU8230) with Cryo preparation system PP3010T
  • Magnification : X 8000
  • Accelerating voltage : 1.0 kV, secondary electrons
This work was presented at the "photo contest" hosted by the Japanese Society of Microscopy.
Reproduction or republication without permission prohibited.
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