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January 5, 2009

New Year Message from the President
-Responding to the current challenging business environment in order to reach a new era of prosperity-

Hidehito Obayashi
President and CEO

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Hitachi High-Technologies Group employees a Happy New Year, and a prosperous 2009.

In 2010 Hitachi, Ltd. will mark the 100th anniversary since its establishment. The following year will see Hitachi High-Technologies celebrating its 10th year of operations. At this juncture, the corporate brainstorming sessions and global top meetings were held to discuss approaches for Hitachi High-Tech to become a leading company in a range of fields.

Through a series of sessions, many executives and employees offered honest and direct opinions, viewing the future success of the Hitachi High-Technologies Group as their individual responsibility. I gained great confidence from the fact that all participants actively participated in these sessions and treated them as an important positive step towards establishing a communicative organization and revitalizing the company. I would like to continue with this type of activity and reflect the results in our management plans.

For the start of 2009, I would like to set all employees of Hitachi High-Technologies Group four goals.

1. Bring about changes for future growth and prepare for a new era of prosperity

It is anticipated that the global economic situation will worsen before it recovers. Consequently we must expect to face an increasingly tough business environment. However, when looking at this situation objectively, it does not necessarily point to negative results. Another perspective is that this period of recession will see society clearing away the negative legacy of the past years. After working through this period we will be ready to enter a renewed era of economic growth.
Our focus should be on keeping abreast of current market trends and pursuing future breakthroughs. I hope that everyone will remain alert to the changes going on around them, and that instead of passively accepting such changes you will work to embrace them to create a positive impact for the company. The first signs of change are generally manifested on the front lines of the business at each location. I ask all of you to communicate feedback to your supervisor and colleagues about any shifts you detect in manufacturing processes, sales activities, or other daily operations. I would like all employees to carry out their daily work with the knowledge that each of us is responsible not only for our individual duties but also for contributing to the success of the Group as a whole.
In an economic climate such as this, every bit of effort from each individual counts in coming out ahead of the game.

2. Contribute to the environment through our technologies

Global environmental issues are one of the biggest problems facing society, and the Hitachi High-Technologies Group must not only develop and manufacture environmentally-compatible products, but also pursue new or alternative business models that do not have an adverse impact on the environment. Some limitations result from this situation, but on the other hand there are new business opportunities. With environmental technologies being developed across many fields and reaching a stage of commercialization, we must create next-generation business models in line with current trends. I would like you all to further contribute to environmental conservation through our business activities, for example by utilizing our flagship measurement and analysis technologies to support development of substances that are less harmful to the environment, such as solutions for clean energies including solar power and fuel cells.
I expect all employees of the Hitachi High-Technologies Group to view 2009 as a year for steady growth and enhanced environmental awareness, building a foundation for a future brand image dedicated to environmental activities.

3. Promote globalization of Hitachi High-Technologies

Promotion of further globalization, including an increase in ratio of sales generated outside Japan, is an essential requirement for accelerating the growth of the Hitachi High-Technologies Group. I would like everyone to be aware and embrace the fact that we are operating in the global business environment. Globalization of business practices does not relate solely to manufacturing operations and international offices. Our Group has implemented reforms including revising our management control system, accounting procedures, and other practices in accordance with global standards. I believe that more work systems will need to be updated in the near future to meet global standards.
It is also my desire that each of you will have an objective view in order that we can become a valuable member of the global business community.

4. Becoming a respected company with high aspirations

Finally, I would like to explain the ideal of being viewed as "a company with integrity" and "a respected company with high aspirations", which has always been my highest concern. The basic principle of Hitachi High-Technologies is to "aim to be a successful enterprise trusted by all our stakeholders and to contribute to social progress through our business activities. We should aim to be a leading company, foreseeing social change and acting as a catalyst for the betterment of society. We have to possess a strong moral compass and act with integrity in order to win respect both as individuals and as a corporation.
In this difficult business environment, some companies may neglect business basics and ethics. However we must remember that even the most minor practices that break the rules are totally unacceptable. I ask each of you to work on your daily activities while keeping firmly in mind of ethical grounds rather than immediate profitability.

I hope that 2009 will be a fulfilling year for you, your families, and the Hitachi High-Technologies Group.

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