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September 30, 2009

Hitachi High-Technologies Announces Shipments of Tabletop
Microscope TM-1000 Surpass 1,000 Units

Product actively used in industrial and educational applications worldwide

Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (TOKYO:8036) today announced that cumulative shipments of the tabletop microscope TM-1000, launched in April 2005, have now surpassed 1,000 units.

The compact, affordably priced and exceptionally user-friendly TM-1000 has been adopted not only in Japan but worldwide, including in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Developed by Hitachi High-Technologies specifically as a cutting-edge yet highly accessible microscope, the tabletop microscope TM-1000 represents a new type of electron microscope. Hitachi High-Technologies has long been involved in the manufacture and sale of electron microscopes used in R&D, quality assurance and other areas in a full spectrum industries, most notably in the fields of nano and biotechnology.

Although compact enough to use on a desk, the affordably priced TM-1000 can achieve 10,000X magnification. It is also extremely user friendly, offering an ease of operability comparable to that of a digital camera. For this reason, the TM-1000 is finding applications at research institutes, companies, schools and science museums in and outside of Japan, as a product that conceptually redefines the electron microscope.

In the fiercely competitive field of scientific instruments and devices, the fact that it has developed this new market and shipments of this single tabletop microscope have surpassed 1,000 units in just four and a half years demonstrates the attention and approval that this product has garnered from customers.

As part of efforts to promote science, Hitachi High-Technologies is using the TM-1000 in support of science education. In addition to employee demonstrations of TM-1000 offered at science-related events across Japan, in 2008 Hitachi High-Technologies began loaning the devices to educational institutions and other likeminded organizations. Today, the number of children who have taken part in these activities and experienced the wonders of the micro world is over 6,000. In March 2009, Hitachi High-Technologies delivered a TM-1000 to Iwanuma Elementary School in Miyagi Prefecture. This is the first such case of an electron microscope being delivered to a public elementary school anywhere in Japan, and the TM-1000 is now being used to promote the kind of science education that inspires young learners.

Hitachi High-Technologies considers cumulative shipments of over 1,000 units of the TM-1000 tabletop microscope as a good start, and seeking to further expand product sales in Japan and abroad. Going forward, the TM-1000 is expected to play an active role in areas ranging from R&D to quality assurance in a host of fields, including materials, semiconductors, food products, and biotechnology. Together with greater utilization of the device in science education, hopes are high that the TM-1000 will help counter the recent flow of students away from science programs.

Features of the Tabletop Microscope TM-1000

  • No installation work required. Simply connect the three-pronged cord into a 100V (AC) outlet to operate
  • Energy-saving design without continuous power on. Startup time significantly reduced to around 3 minutes
  • Variable pressure vacuum enables observation of nonconductive samples with no special advance preparation necessary
  • Fully automatic functions. Microscope is as simple to use as a digital camera
  • Change magnification from X 20 to X 10,000 almost instantly
  • Stereoscopic image observation with high depth of focus

The Tabletop Microscope TM-1000


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