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April 1, 2011

Greeting from New President Bringing the Frontier to the Forefront for Growth in the "Next Decade".

President and Chief Executive Officer
Masao Hisada

On March 11th eastern Japan was struck by a powerful earthquake that had its epicenter off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture. Many areas have suffered tremendous damage from the earthquake and tsunami. I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences to all the victims of this disaster.

It is in the midst of this extremely harsh environment, of what is truly a national crisis, that we mark the 10th anniversary of the Hitachi High-Tech Group this October and make a new start. However, ever since the Group was founded, former President Obayashi and his predecessors have worked their hardest along with you all to overcome difficult situations, such as everyone's efforts in engineering the V-shaped recovery achieved by restructuring business during the global recession that followed the collapse of Lehman Brothers. I would like to express my deep gratitude for all your hard work so far, as I brace myself in the face of the huge responsibility with which I have been entrusted as we aim for growth in the "Next Decade."

In my capacity as president, I would like to join with you all in pouring every effort into the following five points so that the Hitachi-High Tech Group can achieve that form.

1. The first is that we anticipate market trends and take up the challenges of "bringing the frontier to the forefront."

The information that will lead to new business and new product development is found on the actual business frontlines. I would like you all to keep your eyes and ears open wherever you are working and to be closely tuned in to changes in the business environment and to our customers' needs. I also want you to be professionals who can make correct decisions and take appropriate action based on the information you have acquired. I would like you to display vision based on advanced skills and a wealth of experience and knowledge, and to anticipate market changes and swiftly grasp the potential needs of our customers. Let us all keep on trying and be unafraid of failure, so that we can realize our aim of "becoming a global top in high-tech solutions."

2. The second point is that we create open and global business.

We are developing a wide range of businesses around the world, giving us the advantage of being able to share within the Group the latest information about customer needs and market trends. I intend to make us an open corporate group with good internal communication in order that we may further hone this advantage. I would also like to create a corporate culture where people with diverse nationalities, languages, cultures, and genders can respect each other's individuality and draw out each other's strong points. Currently more than half of the Group's business is done overseas, and we need to become even more global in order to further accelerate our growth. I would like you to maintain open and global communication with people inside and outside the company, as well as to always keep global business expansion in mind as you go about your daily work, so that we can create new business and new value.

3. My third point is that we work as a team to intensify our collaborations with our customers.

I believe that the Group's growth is powered by our dynamic collaborations with successful customers in cutting-edge businesses. In a collaboration it is important, first of all, to be selected as a partner by the customer, and for that, it is essential that they trust the Hitachi High-Tech Group. This trust in the Group is a trust in our ability to create new business that draws upon our forte of combined manufacturing, sales, and services capabilities to come up with business models that other companies cannot emulate. It is also a trust in our unique high-tech solutions produced by the integration of these three capabilities. In this it is important that we always think and act with an awareness of being a part of the "Hitachi High-Tech Team" so that we can demonstrate the overall strength of the Group and provide maximum added value for the customer. As members of a group of professionals, I would like you all to make every effort to demonstrate even more powerfully the teamwork of the Hitachi High-Tech Group.

4. The fourth point is that we move even more swiftly than expected to stay ahead of the pack.

The Hitachi High-Tech Group operates in the field of advanced technology, a field in which competition is fierce and changes are dramatic. In order to come out on top it is imperative that we develop new businesses and new products ahead of our competitors and that we can speedily provide the right solutions for our customers' needs. In circumstances like the present, "speed" is of the essence in business promotion. By meeting our customers' expectations more swiftly than expected and responding to their future needs, let us realize our aim of "becoming a global top in high-tech solutions."

5. My fifth and final point is that as a true CSR enterprise we work hard to create an affluent society.

Corporate environmental action is becoming increasingly important today, and we are working diligently on such things as expanding our range of green products and enhancing our eco-friendly products and environmentally-aware operations. I would like each employee to become more environmentally-aware and to engage in business activities that can contribute to improving the global environment. The main premise on which corporate activities are based is that they fulfill our social responsibility. This means being trusted as a company, as an organization, and as individuals. It is when each individual puts ethics and integrity into practice and earns society's empathy and trust that it is possible for us to achieve sustained growth along with our customers and society. At the risk of repeating myself, I would like you to always base your decisions and actions on ethics and integrity, to always be aware that we are members of society, and to always emphasize harmony with the local community and the global environment in your actions. As a true CSR enterprise, let us work together to create an affluent society, with each Hitachi High-Tech Group employee fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

I will take the lead and join with you all in pouring my energies into the challenge of achieving the further progress and growth of the Hitachi High-Tech Group. Your energy will surely make the Hitachi High-Tech Group into "a global top in high-tech solutions."

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