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July 26, 2012

Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope Cumulative Sales Volume Exceeds 2,000 Units

-Used for R&D and Quality Assurance in a variety of Industries and Educational Applications-

Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (TOKYO: 8036, Hitachi High-Tech) proudly announced that the cumulative sales achievement of their Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope (TM series) has exceeded 2,000 units.

The TM-1000, the first model of the series, exceeded 1,000 units sold from product launch in 2005 to discontinuation in 2010. The success of the TM-1000 continued with the April 2010 release of the TM3000 offering a more compact design, enhanced performance, and improved ease-of-use. Due to increasing market demand, the cumulative sales volume of the TM3000 is now projected to exceed 1,000 units in August 2012.

The TM series was developed by Hitachi High-Tech based on the theme of "making cutting-edge microscopes even easier to use and more accessible to people." Hitachi High-Tech is a manufacturer and supplier of electron microscopes used in operations ranging from R&D to quality assurance within a variety of industrial applications including nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Unlike optical microscopes, electron microscopes traditionally require extensive expertise and operational training to successfully observe samples. For example, traditional electron microscopes typically require special sample preparation and instrument optimization. The TM series achieves a magnification of up to 30,000 times, which is greater than that of optical microscopes, at a significantly reduced startup time (~20 to 3 minutes) compared to traditional electron microscopes. The TM series features a small footprint via compact and integrated technology. The microscope can be installed on most common laboratory workplaces or benches, and it operates off of a standard 100-240V AC outlet. The intuitive graphical-user-interface is designed with the same logic as portable digital camera.

The TM series revolutionizes conventional notions of electron microscopes by offering electron microscope-level resolution with the ease-of-use of optical microscopes. As such, the TM series has been used worldwide in many different sectors, from private-sector enterprises, universities, government offices and hospitals, to educational institutions such as science museums and elementary and middle schools. These microscopes are used in various settings, ranging from development, evaluation and quality assurance of food, pharmaceuticals, materials, and electronic devices to scientific experimentation and observation in schools or medical institutions.

Furthermore, Hitachi High-Tech provides global educational support using the TM series as part of its drive to promote science.
Hitachi High-Technologies Europe GmbH, a Hitachi High-Tech Group company, has been extending support to the "Nano Truck project," which was established by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany. Under this project, a specially modified semi-trailer truck, loaded with small scientific apparatus and reports, travels around Germany and makes stops at schools, universities, groups and other organizations along the way. The project introduces the general public to nanotechnology and how it relates to daily life, for the purpose of increasing public interest in cutting-edge technology. Hitachi High-Technologies Europe has provided the Nano Truck with a TM3000 model to allow the general public to experience the microscopic world by actually observing various samples.

Hitachi High-Tech is actively engaged in promoting science education in various countries. Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. provides TM3000 microscopes and conducts related demonstrations at events held at schools, science museums and other venues hosted by "Change the Equation (CTEq)," an NPO established with the aim of promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in the United States. STEM education is an initiative strongly supported by President Obama and his administration.

Hitachi High-Tech will use this 2000 unit milestone as a springboard to promote and expand sales worldwide. By fiscal 2014, Hitachi High-Tech aims to increase cumulative sales volume to more than 3,000 units globally.

Product Features

  1. Energy-saving design without continuous power on. Fast startup time ~3 minutes
  2. Low-pressure vacuum enables observation of nonconductive samples with no special advance preparation necessary
  3. "Instant" change of magnification from 15X to 30,000X
  4. Three settings for observation mode: surface, normal, and high-intensity
  5. Fully automatic functions such as auto-start, auto-focus, and auto-brightness
  6. Unparalleled ease-of-use due to image shift function, navigation buttons and other features
  7. Stereoscopic image observation with high depth of focus

Tabletop SEM TM3000 model Nano Truck loaded with the TM3000 model


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Science & Medical Systems Business Group,
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
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