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March 27, 2015

Thank you for visiting the website of Hitachi High Technologies Group

We would like to inform you that we redesigned the website of our group companies.

In this redesign, our aim is to make the website more accessible and easier to use for everyone; we have renovated the design and composition and unified the domain system infrastructure. We aim to strengthen the bonds of companies and customers and deliver the various activities of the Group to the stakeholders through the company web site. In addition, in order to explore a new form of transmission of business information that is required in the coming era, even after creating the web site we have made improvements on top of other improvements to make it easier to access, and going forward we hope to evolve in order for the site to become the way it should be.

With today's web site renewal, the URL has changed, so please register new URL( in your web browser.

Hitachi High-Technologies Group Web Site


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