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April 1, 2015

Inaugural Address from the New President

Let Us Challenge to Change and Build a Hitachi High-Tech Group Run by Us All

The following is an abridged version of the inaugural speech delivered by President and CEO Masahiro Miyazaki to all employees.

The Hitachi High-Tech Group’s mission has been to “lead the way for our customers’ future as a fast-moving creator of cutting-edge business” and we have worked very hard towards that aim. From now on, we will focus more upon our customers, and our mission will be to “provide the best possible services so that our customers can be creators of cutting-edge business.” I believe that fulfilling that mission will in itself enable us to achieve our corporate vision of becoming “a global leader in high-tech solutions.”
I would now like to explain in concrete terms how I envisage the Hitachi High-Tech Group.

  1. Run by Us All with a Sense of Ownership
  2. Challenge to Change
  3. Adhere to Compliance and Put Safety First
  4. Implement and Deepen the Hitachi High-Tech WAY

1. Run by Us All with a Sense of Ownership

In our work, it is particularly important that each workplace should implement its own autonomous, decentralized operations while maintaining the overall balance as its criterion for judgment. Situations in the global market vary widely, according to business sector or region. That is why I want each workplace to endeavor to independently draw up its own business plans, make decisions, and implement them.
I ask all of you who act as leaders to provide support for the creation of the necessary environment for this. And, I want you to demonstrate your leadership skills. At the same time, it is essential to train top-notch staff in our various locations so that we can accelerate our globalization. In my management capacity, I intend to place a high priority on the challenge of human resource training and hammer out the strategies required.

2. Challenge to Change

“Individualization” and “specialization” are what are required in the global market today. Times are changing, and we are seeing a major transition from business targeting mass markets based around generic products to highly-specialized solutions business that responds in detail to individualized needs. The Hitachi High-Tech Group must get an accurate grasp of that trend and be in the vanguard of it.
Therefore, I want to have the “Challenge to Change” mind-set. We need to transform ourselves if we are to adapt to transitions in society. The important thing is to be forward-looking and actively challenge ourselves to change. Thinking about everything simply and logically, and translating that into action, will transform our work and create a faster pace in our changes.

3. Adhere to Compliance and Put Safety First

All of the Hitachi High-Tech Group’s activities are based upon the two fundamental ethical standards, “ethics and integrity” and “ethical grounds over immediate profitability,” to which we have been adhering. I intend to continue to adhere strictly to them, and to combine them with the principle of safety first in our work.
I think that there are slightly different nuances among countries and regions in the way in which compliance is perceived. However, there are two principles that I want to strictly adhere to in our daily activities: do not tell lies in your work, and do not do things that would make you feel embarrassed if they are revealed in your work. I think that, if those two principles are put into practice, the Hitachi High-Tech Group’s compliance will probably be adhered to, whichever country or region you work in.

4. Implement and Deepen the Hitachi High-Tech WAY

We identify the Hitachi High-Tech Group’s four shared key values of “Challenge,” “Openness,” “Speed,” and “Teamwork” as the “Hitachi High-Tech SPIRIT” and we are developing activities based upon the sharing of our Group’s philosophy, values, and strategies as we aim to truly be a socially responsible corporation.
When you take action in your work that goes beyond your own allotted duties, it can sometimes be of advantage to other departments or to the Hitachi High-Tech Group as a whole, even though it may not benefit you or your own department. When carrying out WAY activities, I want you all to not simply fulfill your own role but to tackle them with the mind-set of “doing more than you have been asked to do.”
I do not want us to be a company that encourages people to do what they are asked and no more. I want us to become a company that encourages people to go the extra mile. I envisage these changes for the Hitachi High-Tech Group.

The perspective of diversity is indispensable if the Hitachi High-Tech Group is to transform itself into an organization that can continue to produce innovations. I will continue to place a high priority on corporate strategies to promote diversity management, and will spearhead their implementation.
A company has no reason to exist unless it can contribute to society. It has to repay the debt of gratitude it owes to the respective local communities that enable it to carry out its business activities. I intend us to continue to play a positive corporate role in society.
I will build teamwork through open communication, and will devote myself to creating a Hitachi High-Tech Group that will speedily challenge itself to change.

CEO Masahiro Miyazaki
CEO Masahiro Miyazaki

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