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Hitachi High-Tech Strengthens Collaboration by Entering the Thin Film Solutions Field

- Aims together with AIMECHATEC to become a global leader in thin-film processing and printing -

TOKYO, Japan, July 15, 2016 – AIMECHATEC, Ltd. and Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (TSE: 8036, Hitachi High-Tech) announced today that they will expand and build on their sales alliance to enter the thin-film solutions field in the IT devices market. Following the establishment of AIMECHATEC*1, the two companies will integrate their thin-film technologies as manufacturing systems and work together to market them globally.

In step with dramatic growth in the market for IT devices, and in response to the expansion in their application, the material for IT devices has begun to transition from glass and silicon wafers to less expensive films with flexible structures. At the same time, the manufacturing method is also shifting toward sophisticated digital printing technologies. For example, as the displays evolve into mobile devices, they are becoming lighter, thinner and harder to break. This is being achieved by making the devices out of polyimide film instead of glass. Technologies for embedding a layer of film with more optical and electronic functions are also being developed so that touch panels can be made with fewer layers of film.
Underpinning such innovations are technologies for printing functional thin films freely, as well as advances in environmental control technologies for film surfaces and deposition space with precision.

AIMECHATEC' s micro-printing and precision bonding technologies will be integrated with products handled by Hitachi High-Tech, including in technologies for improving the manufacturing environment and surface quality of thin films, and photo or laser technologies for processing thin film. This will enable the two companies to package their products as cutting-edge process solutions for manufacturing thin-film devices and decisively enter the growing market for thin-film manufacturing equipment. For example, AIMECHATEC' s inkjet equipment for manufacturing thin-film substrates will be combined with equipment handled by Hitachi High-Tech for precisely controlling the manufacturing environment, so that they can be marketed to flexible device manufacturers as integrated manufacturing systems.

By strengthening collaboration and decisively entering the thin-film solutions field, AIMECHATEC and Hitachi High-Tech will increase market presence and expand business scale, thereby contributing to the technological advancement of IT devices.

Please refer to the history attached to this press release below for the particulars that led to the establishment of AIMECHATEC as a company.

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In March 1990, Began operation as the Ryugasaki Plant of Hitachi Techno Engineering Co., Ltd. Received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry' s Award in the new machinery category in 2005 for developing the world' s first high precision vacuum-bonding technology for LCD panels. In April 2013, Reestablished as the Mechatronics Division Group to the Infrastructure Systems Company of Hitachi, Ltd. Developed businesses globally in three segments; namely, Flat Display Panel-Related Equipment, Thin-Film Processing-Related Equipment, and Semiconductor-Related Equipment. In July 2016, Reestablished as AIMECHATEC, Ltd. following a incorporation-type company split from Hitachi, Ltd. Corporate philosophy of ”Create the Next by Advanced and Innovative technologies” For further information, visit


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