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January 7, 2019

2019 New Year’s Greetings from the President

Aim to Maximize the Value Provided to Society by Exercising “Ability to Respond to Society”

The following speech was delivered by President and CEO Masahiro Miyazaki to all employees during his New Year greeting.

A Happy New Year to You All.

As globalization, digitalization, diversification, and the speeding up of change in the world continue to advance, the environment surrounding the Hitachi High-Tech Group is likely to become increasingly complex in 2019 as well, along with the "me-first" trend.
At the start of 2019, I would like to give you the following three key messages.

  1. Remain a Company that Has the Trust and Support of Society
  2. Accelerate the Shift from Product-focused to Customer-focused
  3. Strengthen Our “Ability to Respond to Society” with a View to Sustainable Growth

1. Remain a Company that Has the Trust and Support of Society

Trust is earned through effort and I have been asking everyone to change your awareness and behavior with “the courage to change and be changed.” “Safety first” and “compliance,” which are fundamental to all our business activities, can only be achieved if there is trust. No matter where in the world you are, conduct business with awareness of compliance as dictated by two commitments: “Never lie at work” and “Don’t do what you don’t want others to know at work.”

2. Accelerate the Shift from Product-focused to Customer-focused

As Digitalization (digital transformation) progress, our customers’ desire has changed. They desire not only products in itself, but also the results that can be achieved by using products. Digitalization changes business from product-focused to customer-focused and the company’s functions as a whole will also change. Therefore, it will become important to stop treating products and services as separate, and instead pick up on issues that customers themselves are not aware of, taking the whole together as a service system. I would like everyone to think thoroughly what it is that customers want and to pursue to the utmost limit the value that we can provide.

3. Strengthen Our “Ability to Respond to Society” with a View to Sustainable Growth

While the world economy develops and people’s lives become richer, global-scale risks and social issues like climate change and resource depletion have a big impact on our everyday lives and economic/market stability. In order for the Hitachi High-Tech Group to grow sustainably in such a situation, we will need to strengthen our “ability to respond to society.” Then, Hitachi High-Tech Group identified five material issues (materiality) by taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which establish targets to be achieved and common rules for international society in the 21st century, and discussing what we should do to be a group of companies needed by the society. We must develop and continually reinforce our abilities to respond to changes in society, including the ability to solve customers’ and society’s issues through our business, the organizational ability to pursue global business development and to allow Group members to follow diverse work styles, and the ability to meet society’s requests and expectations and to fulfill our social responsibility. Let’s aim for the Hitachi High-Tech Group to be a group of companies that are needed by the world and remain an entity that is regarded as indispensable by maximizing the value provided to society by exercising “ability to respond to society.”

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