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Hitachi High-Technologies Starts Capital and Business Alliance with Seibu Giken Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan, March 28, 2019 - Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (TSE: 8036, Hitachi High-Tech) today announced that it will acquire a portion of the shares of Seibu Giken Co., Ltd. (Seibu Giken) and start a capital and business alliance with this company (the Alliance). Under the Alliance, Hitachi High-Tech will work to increase sales of environmental system equipment for the rechargeable battery and flexible device markets, as it seeks to expand business. This will be accomplished by integrating the sales network and product planning capabilities that Hitachi High-Tech has developed as a specialist trading company and the engineering capabilities developed by Seibu Giken as a manufacturer of environmental conservation and energy-saving equipment.

The rechargeable battery market has been experiencing global growth due to heightened demand for rechargeable batteries such as automotive lithium-ion batteries in conjunction with the widespread adoption of eco-friendly vehicles such as electric vehicles. In the flexible device market, demand has been increasing for products such as smartphones and wearable devices. Therefore, new displays, high-performance films and other such items have entered commercialization and have continued to grow.
However, rechargeable batteries and flexible devices require careful management of the environment at the development and manufacturing stages. In order to develop and manufacture even higher value-added products, demand has been growing for the equipment needed to carry out even more rigorous environmental management.

As a manufacturer of environmental conservation and energy-saving equipment, Seibu Giken possesses core technologies in the manufacture of honeycomb laminate, a material that can be used to control various constituents of air. Seibu Giken designs, manufactures and sells equipment and systems such as dehumidifiers, heat wheels, and volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrators.

In 2015, Hitachi High-Tech concluded a distributorship agreement with Seibu Giken and has sold Seibu Giken’s products. Through the Alliance, Hitachi High-Tech will further strengthen its relationship with Seibu Giken and, as a distributor, expand sales of Seibu Giken’s dry room systems, NMP* recovery equipment and other products worldwide for the rechargeable battery market. Concurrently, Hitachi High-Tech will conduct planning and sales of products and solutions such as high-performance dehumidifiers and dry room systems that are used in a wide range of manufacturing processes such as film formation, drying, inspection and clean transport for the flexible device market.

Hitachi High-Tech, together with Seibu Giken, will support the development and manufacturing processes of customers in the rechargeable battery and flexible device markets, in tandem with contributing to technological innovation.

NMP:A liquid used as a solvent in the manufacturing of rechargeable batteries. NMP must be removed and recovered because it can cause air pollution if it is released into the atmosphere as an exhaust gas.
【About Seibu Giken Co., Ltd.】
(1) Name Seibu Giken Co., Ltd.
(2) Location Koga city, Fukuoka Prefecture
(3) Representative Fumio Kuma
(4) Business Manufacture and sale of products such as commercial dehumidifiers, heat wheels, and VOC treatment systems
(5) Establishment 1965


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